Carson Robinson

Site: https://www.carsonnewuonce00.wixsite.com/carsondood

Area of interest: Character Design/ Illustration

Future/ideal work: Character Designer

Why design? At the time, VCD was the closest thing to what I wanted. Overtime I learned to love design and found my passion in Character Design

Goals in 5 years: Do some Character Design stuff, travel to Japan and make music

Inspirations: Anime, Video Games, Nintendo, the other VCD dudes, Fabien Mense, Spencer Wan

Hobbies: Anime, video games, draw stuff, play music, cookdankmeals

Favourite Shows: HunterxHunter, The Smash Documentary, Mob Psycho 100, Juan Panch

Favourite Bands: Greenday, Blink182, Bombay Bicycle Club, Mom Jeans.

Design items u cannot live without: 4chan, Pinterst, toaster oven, spoon, Illustrator Carson Robinson

"If this post gets 20 likes i'll shave Kyle's head"