Chris Monborne

Area of interest: typography and experimentation with everything

Future/ideal work: west coast multidisciplinary design firm

Goals in 5 years: own my own design firm / type foundry where traditional business molds are broken

Inspirations: grandma kathy, my pet lizard sprocket, aaron draplin, jenn harrell, jason medrano, corey stuffelbeam

Hobbies: melee, antagonize, ride my bike, hike, camp, drink

Favorite Music: anything i can two-step to, sunday polka, counterparts

Favourite Bands: Greenday, Blink182, Bombay Bicycle Club, Mom Jeans.

Design items u cannot live without: optical alignment, command+f, command+option+shift+v, spacebar preview, my brain, MOUSE

People you can't trust: people that use a track pad, people that eat blue cheese, people that eat pickles on a burger, people that eat one potato chip at a time, people that add an "s" to the end of every word, people who don't play melee

"I'm missing a blue pencil, has anyone seen it?"