Cory Sutter

Site: corysutter.com

Area of interest: Motion/Animation/Film

Future/ideal work: I’d love to work on title sequences and animations on the west coast.

Why design? I turned to design because I stumbled upon Kent’s Art building on a tour and fell in love. No other college had an artistic art/design building. So I got interested in Kent and then I did Inspire…and I met a boy. It was kind of a mixture of design excitement, a group of high schoolers who finally thought like me, and first boy love that drew me back to Kent. Now four years later, him and I broke up and now we’re in Taylor Hall. I think I got into design for all the right reasons.

Goals in 5 years: Become a successful youtube couple

Inspirations: Julia Potts, Keith Haring, Amber Mark, Young & Sick, Lucille Bluth, Sylvan Esso

Hobbies: I like movies. and film. and videos.

Favourite Cities: San Francisco, Glasgow Scottland.

Favourite Styles: National Geographic Vector Collage

Favourite Shows: the Shondaland Thursday lineup

Favourite Food: Orville Redenbacher Stovetop Kernels, Sunbird Eggdrop Soup Mix (@ the international aisle in Acme) with Special K Flakes (Family Size Box).

Design items u cannot live without: Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Pinterest, Iced Americano, Post It Notes

"My biggest regret is that I'll never have a dog."