Dean Sweetnich

Site: deansweetnich.com

Area of interest: typography, type design, branding

Future/ideal work: Chicago for the love of the city, or some place that is very, very, (very) warm. Wherever I end up I'd hope to join firms that do branding for non-profits and design for social change.

Why design? My family is a combo of engineers and artists. There was always an intrigue for finding how things worked and how things looked good. After being a fine arts/computer science major (the epitome of the two I guess), I found graphic design as the perfect mix.

Goals in 5 years: 1) keep working on typefaces 2) Hopefully meet a lot of new people 3) Masters? Its very up in the air but its a dream!

Inspirations: Philippe Apeloig, Felix Pfaffli, Sascha Lobe, Mirko Borsche, Braulio Amado.

Hobbies: Maybe I can travel one day?

Favourite Style: Constructivism

Favourite Anime: Ouran (no-shame)

Design items u cannot live without: caffeine and a sketchbook