Frédéric Vigne

Site: https://www.fvigneimages.com/

Area of interest: illustration, editorial, research, photojournalism, California condors and 5437 other things

Future/ideal work: freelance illustration, making the big bucks and living above 7000ft ASL

Why design? passion and curiosity

Goals in 5 years: see above, rubric "ideal work"

Inspirations: Cave painters. Their use of shapes, textures, relief and surfaces is still blowing my mind. Warhol does not. And I am a lifelong fan of Francis Cabrel, a French folk singer songwriter. You gotta get what he says, he is crafting every word.

Hobbies: Anything where my tech toys are turned off is a true bliss.

Favourites: I love Istanbul, Sarajevo and Tbilisi, Spanish guitar and horses, Central Asian and Peruvian Art, and a lot of other stuff. Nothing like a good local cheese and some cured sausage above the clouds in the Alps. I've tried Wisconsin cheese in the Rockies, it doesn't do it (the cheese, not the Rockies).

Design items u cannot live without: PS, InDesign and AI for the tech part, a sketchbook and a camera with various lenses, expresso or black tea, Tylenol. Now that I get older, better not forget my prescription glasses as well.

"Good stories, good friends, good wine. Nothing else matters."