Julie Houck

Site: https://jhouck3.myportfolio.com

Area of interest: branding and illustration

Future/ideal work: graphic designer at a small design firm

Why design? I've always been creative and had a passion for art, so design fit my interests

Goals in 5 years: I'll be married with a dog, doing a job I love preferably with benefits

Inspirations: I love Paula Scher and an Illustrator named John Hendrix

Hobbies: I like cooking, lifting weights and painting

Favourites: I'm originally from Philly, so I'll always have a soft spot for Philadelphia but I also really love being out in nature, hiking kayaking and swimming. My all-time favorite shows are Lost and Stranger Things.

Design items u cannot live without: Illustrator is definitely by favorite software

"Graphic design? What are you going to do with that?"