Lindsey Ashley

Site: makestuffdothings.com

Area of interest: Print and Illustration

Future/ideal work: Somewhere hopefully making stuff and doing things.

Why design? I always had fine arts in my background but in high school I found myself working on projects for my school that felt somewhat “branded” for different sports teams and that mixed with some other projects that started feeling like advertisements and I guess that’s what got me interested in graphic design.

Goals in 5 years: To still be making stuff and doing things.

Inspirations:  Too many to name, and it can change from project to project.

Hobbies: Traveling every chance I get.

Favourite Movies: The Goonies and The Lion King.

Design items u cannot live without: Coffee, indesign, x-acto knife, coffee, dotted sketchbook, microns, and also coffee.

"I think I wanna be a doctor."