Olivia Barbour

Site: https://oliviabarbour95.wixsite.com/oliviaportfolio

Area of interest: A nice balance of design and illustration

Future/ideal work: I have an unrealistic idea that I would like to work as a graphic designer for the film industry. But I also love identity design and wouldn’t be disappointed working for a design firm. I plan on going back home to Columbus for a couple years but if I pursue my interest in film design then I plan to end up in Atlanta or LA.

Why design? Art classes were pretty much the only thing that got me through high school and I had two really amazing teachers who influenced my love for art and design and my interest in Kent State. Since then I never had any reason to leave the major. The more I learn about design the more I love it.

Goals in 5 years: To not be living under a bridge.

Inspirations: One designer/Illustrator I have been following for a while is named Owen Davey. He has a similar illustration to me with very flat designs and yet they are super interesting and detailed. I found him after looking into who designed the app Two Dots. He’s super cool you should check him out. There are a lot of people I follow on Instagram that I look to for inspiration.

Hobbies: You mean people have a life outside of VCD? Just kidding although I don’t have a lot of free time with work and school so my hobbies have slowly dwindled to reading the occasional book and hanging out with my friends as much as possible.

Favourites: My favorite food is mac and cheese. Like the good stuff not that boxed stuff. My favorite city that I have every visited is a tie between London, England and Giverny, France.

Design items u cannot live without: Illustrator is number one on my list. I use it for almost everything and it is like my child. Next would be InDesign, then Photoshop. I also enjoy my tablet that is slowly dying. I can totally live without After Effects but I use it occasionally. I know nothing about coding.

"Graphic designer by day, graphic designer by night. Yeah we don’t sleep much."