Sara English

Site: none

Area of interest: photography

Future/ideal work: editorial photography

Why design? Originally I started as fine art BUT my mom wouldnt cosign for another year of that so we compromised. Turns out to be a good idea because I'm a very sloppy artist but with graphic design you can just control+z your problems away.

Goals in 5 years: not have to live paycheck to paycheck would be nice

Inspirations: Sarina Brewer, Raygun Mag, Zuzana Licko

Hobbies: Collect and photograph taxidermy. Also I enjoy drunkenly taking them out and surprising unwilling people at my house.

Favourite Music: pop punk from the '00

Favourite Style: Avant Garde all the way

Favourite Anime/Game: Pokemon

Favourite TV: The Office

Design items u cannot live without: Can I say smoking pot? Haha I'm pretty sure I could live without all design softwares and would be happy with a micron and some watercolors.