Van Le

Site: kvanle.com

Area of interest: Web/Product Design, Fine Art, Content Strategy, Social Media Strategy

Future/ideal work: Digital marketing / producing and editing content for the beauty/fashion industry.

Why design? I had to babysit my infant brother when I was 13 and out of boredom I learnt to code and played on my dad's home computer with Photoshop 6 (not cs6, 6). Previously a fashion student and having worked in the salon industry, I want to merge my interests for coding, beauty, and art all into one.

Goals in 5 years: Move to a tropical place, maybe northwest or overseas, being a successful digital nomad doing what I like.

Inspirations: Jenny Holzer, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ai Wei Wei, Helen Tran, Victo Ngai, Yoshimoto Nara, and more artists + my travels...

Hobbies: Sing for choirs and weddings and taking impromptu trips to other cities.

Favourite Music: DEAN, DBSK, Swedish House Mafia, London Grammar, Le Cat Trong Ly

Favourite Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Contemporary, Pop Art.

Favourite Video Game: Borderlands (the whole franchise).

Design items u cannot live without: water bottle, SKETCH, BOSE headphones, InDesign, Glyphs, pen tool, my PC tower for custom RAM because my mac is old.

"what is sleep can i eat it"